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They believe their sexual parts are on their forhead.

The Naughty Hypnotist became certified in 2001 by the National Guild of Hypnotists and the American Board of Hypnotist. Where he began practicing behavior modification hypnosis. Michael would address issues such as Stop Smoking, Weight Reduction, Nail Biting, and other habit forming issues. A few years later Michael began doing shows with this remarkable talent. Currently, Michael is performing between 30-50 shows a year.

Below is a list of influences in his careeer:

Justin Tranz (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Marc Savard (Planet Hollywood; Las Vegas Nevada)
The Late Dr. Naughty (Las Vegas, Nevada)
J. Medicinehat (Iowa)
Jeff Hobson (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Anthony Robbins
Christopher Wayne Morrison
James Szeles
Zig Ziglar

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