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Hypnotized to believe her shoe is a phone.

What would you do if you had the power of suggestion?

Interactive Naughty Hypnosis Show.
You'll watch the volunteers start off slow rocking-out on air guitars, then move into being romantically involved with their shoes, exotic dance, and do other naughty things normally done when alone with a slight twist; all while under
"The power of seduction or suggestion."

Dirty Hypnosis show - The Naughty Hypnotist The Premier Adult Themed Comedy Hypnosis Show

Here is the answer to our
MOST ASKED questions.

QUESTION: Will I get stuck in hypnosis? What happens if something happens to the hypnotist and he doesnt bring me out?

ANSWER: Hypnosis is an extreme state of concentration. At some point you will go back to fully alert

QUESTION: Since this is an adult show is there nudity?

ANSWER: No, For the most part we keep the naughtiness to acting out naughtiness silly adult routines.

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